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1 How did you get all these books?
1.1 Do you take books on trade or buy books?

We accept donations, and will give a 15% discount on your same day purchase. We occasionally buy books, but right now we have so much in stock it would have to be something special. We're always happy to look though. Give us a call or send us a picture 403-580-1168, [email protected]

1.2 How many books do you have?

We have over 60,000 books on the shelves in our store, ready to be sold. In storage we have over 150,000 books waiting to be cleaned up, sorted and asked for. Our motto is "It's not that we don't have it, we just don't know where it is at the moment!"

this isn't because we are disorganized, it just because all of this takes a lot of time and space to make happen. catalogue, sorting and cleaning on just 1 book can take upwards 1 to 10 minutes. that's a lot of time for a lot of books.

2 Shipping questions
2.1 I'm ordering multiple books, how does that work?

We ship with Canada Post, with maximum weights for parcels. As long as the total weight is under the cutoff, we can ship items together for the same rate. A large volume of books or sets may increase the cost. We strive to ship as cheaply as possible. We do have greater rates for heavier items.

3 Do you have a certain book?
3.1 I'm looking for a certain book, do you have it?

We may, please contact us. Give us the author, the book title, preferred format (paperback, hardcover, or certain publisher). We will try to respond to you within 72 hours. Please fill out the form on our website. Or you may email ([email protected]), or phone (403-580-1168).