Paperback - Clark, Lewis J.: Wild Flowers of Field and Slope: In the Pacific Northwest

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Following its publication in 1973, Wild Flowers of the Pacific Northwest became an instant bestseller and the authoritative guide to the region's wild flowers. The 604-page work met with such great acclaim that its author, Lewis J. Clark, decided smaller field guides should also be published to assist and encourage the identification of wild flowers in the field. What followed was a series of six field guides that together went on to sell over 180,000 copies.

Wild Flowers of Field and Slope is the first new edition in Harbour Publishing's planned reproduction of the best of these essential volumes. The descriptions and photographs not only provide a comprehensive guide, but also reveal one man's infectious enthusiasm for the beauty of our environment and his ardent awareness of the need for its preservation.

For those lucky enough to live among or travel to fields and slopes inhabited by wild flowers, this book is a necessary companion. Travellers to these lush areas can learn about and identify such diverse plants as Fool's Onion, Phantom Orchid and Prairie Smoke, to name just a few. Latin names, highly readable descriptions and glossy colour photographs are included with each species.

Paperback. Very Good condition.
ISBN: 1550172557
Published in 2002 by Harbour Publishing. Originally published in 1974.
107 pages
Actual product in photographs.

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