Paperback - Underhill, Ted: Northwestern Wild Berries

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A Field Guide to the Berries of the North West. Color photos & b/w sketches throughout. Wild Berries contains a simple key and nearly 100 magnificent color photographs to guide you quickly to berry identification.

Let us look together at the more commonly seen wild berries plants of the Pacific Northwest - roughly the area west of the Rocky Mountains from southern Alaska to the Columbia River of further. We won't cover every last kind, for some may be left out that few of us will ever see. This book is not for the serious botanist, but for the family or individual seeking simple and reliable information about the berries along our roads and trails.

Because this is not for the expert, we shall take some other liberties. We'll use the word berry in the popular sense rather than in the more restricted sense applied by the botanist. Also, we shall lump together some closely related kinds of plants.

Paperback. Very Good condition.
ISBN: 0888390270
Published in 1980 by Hancock House Publishers. Originally published in 1979.
96 pages
Actual product in photographs.

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